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The Three Steves

Posted in Personal by Abigail on December 8, 2006

I am fortunate enough to have three Steves in my life. One taught me databases and how to ski, one fixed everything in my roommates’ house (which is nice for me) and my car, and the other has articulated thousands of fascinating ideas over time.

Why a post in dedication to “The Three Steves?” Well, first, all three are claiming the superhero status which I carefully defined in my first groundbreaking post. This must be examined as two are blonde. Second, in my very first post, I managed to confuse one and ostracize the other so I must right these wrongs.

Steve D H – you do rock! Although I wasn’t talking about you in my first post, you do rock. You are one of the happiest people I know. And most ridiculous. You have people skills to die for.

Steve G H – I was talking about you but I don’t think you’ve ever been to my blog. You are fascinating on a regular basis because you are constantly philosophizing. If you stop by my blog, I’m sure everyone would love to hear what you have to say on anything we’re talking about.

Steve P – Is there anything you can’t do? Is there any topic on which you DON’T have extensive knowledge? We don’t know what to do with you – you’re too much. You have incredible amounts of kindness.

Lastly, in dedication to my dear friends, The Steves, I need to point out that all three of you are engineers, two of you have received serious awards for your work on base (did you guys know that?!! Both Steve H’s), and Steve P, while he has not received an award from the base, is instead just working on a Ph.D. in engineering.

Ok, you guys are definitely superheroes waiting to happen!

I hope I have righted my wrongs. Steve G H – are you out there? Probably not… probably off philosophizing somewhere.


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  1. Steve P said,

    Well, I am sure that when the other Steves read this post they will be as flattered as I am. There are several things I cannot do :). I have no green in my thumb. I tried a flower garden when I lived in Cedarville and failed. I have failed to keep plants alive for people when I am house sitting.

    There are other things, but I see no need to list them here.

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