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Posted in Personal by Abigail on December 13, 2006

I debate with myself on a regular basis whether or not I should post mundane stuff. My thought is, we all live mundane lives. Who wants to come to my blog and read my mundane stuff? At the same, I think, I shouldn’t post only about theology and superheros… I mean, I gotta get over that stuff someday.

So I’m posting about my menu bar, in my browser. Great alternative. I know. It has disappeared!!! And I can’t get it to come back. I do this kind of stuff all the time. Since I’m a nerd, I customize everything and press every button just to see what it does. This is a waste of time. But it’s fun. Right before I clicked the button, I told myself – Amanda, you’ve done this before. And we know what happened last time. (Last time I went for a month missing some key buttons.) Well this time is much worse. ALL the main buttons are gone (file, edit, view and the susequent necessary buttons like options, preferences, etc.) and not a soul on the Internet seems to have experienced the same thing ’cause they haven’t posted about it! I live in an odd world.

(The firefox help file says what I did is not possible. )

So, that was the most exciting post of all time. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Jai said,

    I think I’ve experienced what you’ve got. If all you’ve got is “blank” button bars without any buttons on them (i.e. your navigation toolbar doesn’t even have an address bar, forward, back, etc.), all you have to do is right click on the button bar (say, your navigation bar), and click customize and then add in the buttons that were previously there. I know you probably know this, but sometimes when upgrading extensions, or fiddling with custimizations, firefox gets confused about where things should be… So, all your disappearing buttons should be under the customize box, and you can simply drag and drop them back to where you want them. Yes, even your address bar and your search bar should be there.

  2. Amanda - owner of this fine blog said,

    Jai! You finally posted. 🙂

    Thanks but that’s not the problem. I’ve definitely been to that customize window before… because I customize everything. It’s not “blank,” it’s completely gone (which the Firefox help file implies that that should not be possible). I’ll probably just uninstall and reinstall.

    By the way, my incredible Internet-browser-breaking-prowess has even stumped Joel before. He couldn’t help me last time. I am lost at sea…cyber sea that is.

  3. Jai said,

    Did you check to make sure that the navigation toolbar was checked off on the toolbars popup (right click on any toolbar/menubar). I’ve done that one before too… Also, did you just install any new toolbars (i.e. google toolbar which is now included with the new versions of firefox)? I’ve had issues with upgrading that b4.

  4. Jai said,

    Oh… and try to just create a new profile first b4 reinstalling… click

    start->run->firefox -profilemanager

    that should allow you to create a new profile and you can copy things like bookmarks from the other one rather than going through the headache of reinstalling.

  5. amandalaine said,

    It’s back! I AM smarter than my browser. Phew. Anyway, this is inconsequential to everyone, but I feel the need to say it’s back. (Safe mode – I had never used that before, but, it’s a good way to locate problems.)

    So, mundane posts? I don’t know about this. I’ll probably leave mundane posts on the wayside. I don’t think I can even handle them. I don’t want to come out here and read about my mundane life! Geeze. Who’s idea was this?

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