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Grandma and Technology

Posted in Personal by Abigail on December 17, 2006

To take a break from “the serious stuff,” here’s my Grandma. She talks incessantly about her severe dislike for technology. However, we’ve had a huge breakthrough, documented on camera for your viewing pleasure. Here’s my sister and her fiancé with my Grandma. Watch the progression.

grandma 1

grandma 2

grandma 3

grandma 4

grandma 5

grandma 6

We have a convert.


2 Responses to 'Grandma and Technology'

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  1. Chris Poteet said,

    So, are things better with the family relationship?

  2. amandalaine said,

    The situation is mostly the same.

    However, we can see improvment on the technology end. My Grandma, I am sure, will soon be designing web sites – I’m gonna make her my partner. Just kiddin. No, she really still hates technology, vociferously. We ALL hear about it! But, she is cute, is she not? She was so excited because they had taken the other latop – a Mac with a camera thing in it – into the other room and one of my cousins was talking to her. Grandma apparently thought it was pretty cool that she could see and hear her on the laptop. 🙂 And anything that involves talking is always a plus for my Grandma – she’s good at that one.

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