Beyond Reason

Happy Little Discovery

Posted in Faith by Abigail on December 28, 2006

Christmas has gotten in the way of blogging. Just kidding. Christmas is great. But really the holidays and general “important” matters like eating and sleeping have interfered.

I intend to get back to the theology and philosophy conversation because it is intriguing. And because I want to do your guys’ comments justice by responding to them. (They were great, as always!)

In the meantime, I ran into this: Tillich and Berkouwer.

I read this guy on a somewhat regular basis becuase he is fascinating. How many Finnish theologians do I know? That’s random. If you go to the above post you’ll see the first link is to – ta da! – “Berkouwer and Tillich: The Relationship between Theology and Philosophy”

How perfect is that?! Apparently I’m not the only one interested in that relationship. I only recently realized that it’s pretty much the same question as the question of the relationship between faith and reason (although it is still different). Which is totally obvious but I hadn’t made that connection. Good for me! Still hitting the basics. đŸ™‚

Anyway, I didn’t understand everything they said and I have no idea who Berkouwer and Tillich are, but, it’s always cool to see other people discussing the same things you are.

Take care friends!


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