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Pulling Back the Curtain… just a wee little bit

Posted in Pure Nonsense by Abigail on January 3, 2007

To blog about blogging, or not blog about blogging? That is the great blogging question. Second only to it is: how many times can I get the word “blog” in one sentence?

Winter break is ending and I will return to school in a few days. It is with deep sadness that I must now take life seriously. No longer can I blabber on on my opinions of the world. No longer can I take advantage of this great free online digital soapbox. Oh yeah! I love blogging! I never realized that if you couldn’t get published all you had to do was publish yourself! I am the greatest. I am sure! Doesn’t everyone want to know what I eat for breakfast, how I live life as the great me, and who I’m dating? Ahhh, I know the blogosphere welcomes me with open arms.

My carefully thought out posts are SEVERELY censored. I’m a national security threat otherwise. And my own social life is always in danger. I could incinerate that at any moment. Watch me go!

Actually the point of this post is to say that I will be posting less. That’s all. But, you know. This is one of those posts that slipped by the censors. (They were sleeping. I always tell myself not to make big decisions at night.)

So, expect nothing less than less posting.

Yours truly,

The self-censored national security threat theologizing philosophizing blonde hero smashing fool

Does anyone have a name for my blog? I can’t think of one…


3 Responses to 'Pulling Back the Curtain… just a wee little bit'

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  1. Steve P said,

    I like the name Capricious Contemplations for your blog.

  2. Jai said,

    I think I emailed this one, but I thougth that the next logical sequence from “As yet to be named blog” to “the Unnameable blog” would obiviously be “The Ineffable Blog.” Ineffable meaning that the accurate description of this blog cannot be put into words (and since most of your blogs happen to be text only, that’s quite an achievement)! If you choose not to go with my fantastic name, Stevie P’s suggestion of Caprcious Contemplations fits your personality rather well. Although, you might be able to sneak “Ineffable” past the sensors since they’ll be too busy scratching their heads trying to figure out what it means. And once you have them confused, then you can answer the burning question we’re all asking, “what exactly DID Amanda eat for breakfast” with wreckless abandon. 🙂

  3. amandalaine said,

    I like it Steve! I’ll have to think about it… Someone else suggested to me Accidentally Amusing and I came up with Walking Anomaly. All a bit absurd, but that fits.

    My original idea was Brazen Hyperbole just because I like the way that sounds… but I don’t actually use hyperbole that much. Brazen probably applies though.

    Jai – I try to eat Krispy Kreme every morning for breakfast. The fact that one of the few Krispy Kreme’s in the area is located five minutes from my house, makes me inexpressibly happy. (Was it obvious that I wasn’t serious? I don’t eat donuts every morning for breakfast – just for the record.)

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