Beyond Reason

Heroes of the Imagination

Posted in Writing/Reading by Abigail on January 7, 2007

I told myself not to post until I had something worth saying (as opposed to my previous post). And I can’t do it.

I am about 26 pages into a book entitled The Creators: A History of Heroes of the Imagination. It covers all known history and tries to sum things up: an incredibly aggressive attempt but certainly not the first one. Let me qualify that a little. The author, Daniel J. Boorstin, has three books in a series. The first is entitled The Discovers, the second is this one, and the third is The Seekers. This one focuses on art while the first touches science and the third religion. But, he is wise enough to see that they don’t really separate so what you get in this book – the art-focused one – is all of the above: philosophy, religion, science, the whole gamut.

Yeah, so only 26 pages in. This is no time to report. But I am. Boorstin taught history for 25 years, was director for part of the Smithsonian, and has served as the Librarian of Congress. The book is amazingly easy to read and he addresses one of my favorite topics – the relation between philosophy and theology. Good man! Anyway, when I have something truly worthwhile to report, I will. Perhaps I should start one of those seriously nerdy pages which states which books you are currently reading. That could be embarrassing.


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