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The Abolition of Man

Posted in Philosophy by Abigail on March 10, 2007

This is a very interesting article on the above mentioned book (by Lewis), reductionism, and science in general.

I only read a couple pages, unfortunately. Must go to bed.

In response to you guys who have posted – Jai and Brad – I am going to get back to you! I greatly appreciate your thoughts, as always. School and other such things have been taking over my life. But, spring break is on the way!

Enjoy the article! It’s good. At least the first couple pages…

Oh, here’s a fascinating discussion my friend brought up on his blog. You should check it out.


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  1. Chris Poteet said,

    Thanks Amanda! I’ve marked the story to read, and I’ll be getting back to your other comments soon.

  2. Brad said,

    Hey Amanda,

    I followed some of your “Associates” links and found a discussion on the flying spaghetti monster.
    I would really like to encourage you to start a new post on this. I really don’t have a lot to say on this topic yet, but some things are brewing (they have been since I started reading Plantinga). The problem is that we need someone from the other side of the argument to really illucidate what they mean. I would hate to burn down a straw man.
    do a search on “God properly basic” and you should find some good links.

  3. Brad said,

    ELUCIDATE-my spelling is off

  4. amandalaine said,

    Hey Brad,

    Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I will definitely do that. I’m actually in a conversation right now with a guy from the other side of the argument. Here’s a link:

    I’ve been trying some of my ideas out on him and he’s quite gracious about it. Generally, we’ve gotten off on a rabbit trail (my fault), so it’s not so much about the FSM anymore, but it is interesting.

    Here’s a good link on the FSM (perhaps you’ve already been there):

    I will post again, for real, this weekend… or thereabouts. 🙂 Good to hear from you!

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