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Never Too Late to Post

Posted in Blogging by Abigail on April 3, 2007

After several of you posted fabulous responses to some of my posts, over a month ago, I have responded. Finally! Sorry for being a slacker. Well, I didn’t slack – I’m busy. Taking pictures with Stormtroopers.

I responded to “Definitions” and “Watching my Favorite Argument Disappear” (and “Christening…”).

Steve G H – do you have anything else to add to your political theories post? I was really hoping to hear a response!! If you stop by again, I am listening. (I have developed no such political theories as you obviously have.)


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  1. MonK said,

    I was raised on STAR WARS. I love Storm Troopers.

    PS: Nice blog.

  2. amandalaine said,

    Hey thanks! Star Wars, rocks. I agree (except for Episode 1 and 2).


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