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Worldview from a Different Angle

Posted in Blogging,Faith by Abigail on April 15, 2007

While I’ve had no intention of turning my blog into a forum on religion/philosophy, it has essentially been that*. To continue that path, here’s a blog which communicates positions opposite to what I adhere to. I find it fascinating and helpful. (Helpful in the sense that if you want your beliefs truly challenged, it’s best to talk to those who wholeheartedly disagree).

The truly interesting thing about this blog is that it is far less atheistic than it is anti-Christian. They may as well name themselves Anti-Christian instead of atheistic. Either way, the authors are often thought provoking and have excellent points.

Several other interesting things are that 1) you’ll hear more passages of the Bible quoted on their site than mine (I don’t think I’ve quoted any) and 2) many of the questions they raise are deeply theological questions. They are excellent questions! I wonder if the church in general has done a poor job communicating that 1) these difficulties exist and 2) there are good answers.


*Some day, this blog will turn to matters like politics, technology, economics, history, more history, and the like. Just haven’t gotten there yet.


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  1. storbakken said,

    I’ve actually visited their site several times. I agree with you that their blog is much more Anti-Christian than it is atheistic/agnostic.

    More fire!

  2. amandalaine said,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I hope my observation about their blog does not appear disparaging in any way. I have much respect for their questions/observations (although I clearly come to a different conclusion).


  3. storbakken said,

    I don’t think your post is disparaging in the least. In fact, they are more than likely appreciative that you put a link to their blog on your site.

  4. amandalaine said,

    Good point.

  5. amandalaine,

    Thanks for the kind words! Most of us at aA are former Christians, cultural Christians, and feminists. I wouldn’t consider myself anti-Christian at all, just critical of Christianity. There’s a fine line between “anti,” meaning opposed and “critical,” meaning desiring correction. I love Christianity as a religion, as I’ve noted in my posts about cultural Christianity. I would, however, call myself an anti-inerrantist as regards the bible. 🙂

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