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Somebody has too much time on their hands at Google

Posted in Business,Personal by Abigail on April 23, 2007

I actually believed this at first.

Google Press Release: Toilet ISP
How to Install

However, in my defense, it was sent to me as true. After a whole day thinking this was true, I emailed the source of this – Is this true? He responds – No. I repond back – You jerk. (Just kidding about that last part.)

But truly, Google churns out the gags. A few years back, if you typed into their search “weapons of mass destruction”, it would pull up a “page not found”-looking page which said something like “these weapons can not be found” and went on to impugn Donald Rumsfeld and others. Very, very witty. Here’s another (make sure to read Step 21).

Google’s a very impressive company and they’re hiring like mad. Wish they would hire me. I could join their comedy department. One time I went to comedy school but class was a joke. That wasn’t very good… I know… just laugh.


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  1. Chris said,

    Ha! That’s great! I applied and got a canned “thanks but no thanks.” Oh well.

  2. rob said,

    HAHAHAHA. Yea I felt like a jerk after I realized it was a joke. They really had me going. I can’t believe it. Did you read the other article on why it’s not totally inconceivable? Look for it on

  3. Jai said,

    We won’t say anything about the release date of the article being 1 April now will we Amanda? 😛
    I had a similar fit of reality when one of my favorite open source projects said it had been purchased (read: no longer free), and when my favorite fansubbing group said they had packed up shop and were no longer doing releases. I guess it was all a coincidence that April 1st happens to be such a big day for news 🙂

  4. amandalaine said,

    Good point – I didn’t even look at the date.

  5. rob said,

    Good article on Google worker bees:

  6. Matt said,

    I once took an on-line acting class, it was super easy…

  7. amandalaine said,

    That is funny!

    May I ask, which Matt are you? Matt M I presume?

  8. Matt said,


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