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Off the Edge of the Blogosphere

Posted in Personal by Abigail on June 22, 2007

That title just makes me think of Barbossa, on Pirates of the Caribbean, when he tells Jack, “You’re off the edge of the map boy. There be monsters here!”

Not to put myself in league with the great fictional characters of Barbosa and Jack, but, I did effectively fall off the edge of the blogosphere. And why? Looting and pillaging. It takes time. Just kidding. Actually – and this is very anticlimactic – take a deep disappointed breath – homework. Yes, homework. School is really an inhibitor. My professors didn’t seem to understand my need to get on the Internet and blab. I mean, out of 60,000,000 bloggers, wasn’t I missed?

So, I have graduated! And now there is a bright and insanely-happy grin on my face. Just pause to imagine. (Are you pausing? Not if you’re reading that sentence. Wait, why are you still reading! Stop!) Since I have made a rule to talk about myself at an extreme minimum (it’s rough when you’re your favorite topic), I now turn to other matters. Stay tuned ladies and gentleman…


First, the world’s coolest laptop has been invented. Check it out.


Somebody needs to buy this for me.


Second, I have experienced the wonder of… RettandLink. If you wish to waste your time in a highly entertaining fashion, they can meet that need! Their best is on the subject of Facebook.


Third, a Creation Museum has opened. Gasp! I’ve been following the progress of this museum, as they conceived the idea, attempted to raise the money ($27 million), ran into multiple roadblocks, and finally opened several weeks ago. It’s a museum on the origins of the world based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. I have already read a few comments criticizing the museum. The charge? The “science” of the museum is not science. Which really just begs the question all over again: what exactly is science and exactly how far can it be removed from your presuppositions?


Alberto the Great
Alberto is living with me now. He is quiet, shiny, small, green, and luscious. And he’s a plant. He has been such an inspiration to me that I have dubbed him Alberto Eduardo Rodriquez Jesus. Say it real fast – its fun.


Two Sites to Recommend
It turns out everyone but me knew about this. LinkedIn is an online networking place for professionals. After joining, I found twenty of my friends already there. Why do I bring it up? To do what my friends did not do for me!! Just kidding. Actually, to recommend this great resource to you also.
If you’re looking for a good host, these people rock. I use and they’re comparable. Each has pros and cons. Here’s my question: Does anyone know a host that limits neither the number of FTP accounts or domains? 1and1 has limited FTP accounts whereas Siteground has limited domains. I’m thinking of using both to get the best deal.


Philosophy and more philosophy

Did all my philosophy shrivel up in a bucket and die? No! The thoughts continue. Here’s the most recent. Why would you give free will to something that is finite? Doesn’t that seem like the worst combination ever? Let me translate: why would I tell someone, here, make decisions but with only partial information. Oh, and don’t forget there are eternal consequence. It’s all very interesting to me. Free will and finity combined just seem like an explosion ready to happen.


The Future of Posting (on this blog)

I plan to post once or twice a month.


A Thought to Leave You With

We have an incapacity for proving anything which no amount of dogmatism can overcome. We have an idea of truth which no amount of skepticism can overcome.


As always, post your thoughts!