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Posted in Faith,Philosophy by Abigail on July 6, 2007

This is a beautiful and thought provoking post on the problem of evil: Locating the Problem of Evil



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  1. Epiphanist said,

    I had a similar problem with providence. Trying to imagine that I was beyond praying for the pleasurable things of this life did my head in. I was faced with accepting in another way that the poor are blessed. I think my idea of providence is sometimes related to avoidance of evil, but I am also not confident about definitions of evil. We know that God can be good to the ungrateful and the wicked. Sometimes I think that both good and evil are providence. Physical things like disease, pain, suffering and death are conditions of our existence, it seems wrong to consider them evil.

  2. amandalaine said,

    Thanks for your thought!

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by “providence” so I unfortunately can not respond to your comments.

    Hmm, a definition of evil. That may be a tall order. I haven’t attempted that before. I do think it’s possible to “over-think” these things.

    You may not call disease, pain, suffering and death “evil” but you have to say they are un-preferable, i.e. they are symptoms of something gone wrong. (Unless you wish to argue that, actually, what has gone wrong is our perception. Either way, you have something going wrong which is really the whole point of the matter.)

  3. Epiphanist said,

    Thank You!
    For myself, I have found faith and grace to be more than sufficient explanation, but I am trying to understand some of the american religion. You are right about over thinking – “in much study there is weariness for the flesh.”

  4. amandalaine said,

    The “american religion?” I am curious to hear what this refers to.

    Yes, unfortunately while thinking is beneficial (and absolutely foundational) it also ceases being beneficial after a point. (Hence, the title of my blog.)

  5. Epiphanist said,

    The american religion is not referring to anything profound, obviously I am not from America but much of the web is. I read of polls that show more than half of americans believe that humankind was created in its present format within the last 10,000 years, I see George W acting like an old testament despot representing american national interest as God’s will for the world. Faced with such total crap, I try to understand. I am getting there.

  6. amandalaine said,

    Cool. Thanks for your answer. I see you use the term very loosely.

    As I’m sure you know, polls shouldn’t be believed totally or at face value, but, they may indicate something.

    Thank you again for your thoughts!

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