Beyond Reason


Posted in Personal,Technology,Web by Abigail on August 29, 2007

So I haven’t posted in fifty million years. I was going to post a “serious” one on politics and religion. That’s coming later. I take too long on the “serious” ones. I’m really serious about it. Ya know? (That was funny – in case you didn’t get it.)

So – point of this post – here’s a site you’ve got to go to:

If you’re into web design/development and other such graphically/programmatically related things, this site is very cool. And the music’s great too. Make sure your speakers are on.

Here’s another great one I ran into:

One caveat: no, I do not spend all day on the computer finding “cool” sites. I’m actually looking for a job (and have one). And am hoping to get back to posting “serious” posts. I can never figure it out – how personal do I make my blog? Just focus on topics (which can be great fun) or also meander into my personal leanings, random nonsense, and whatnot? I’ll figure it out someday.

In the meantime, post your thoughts, as always.