Beyond Reason

Truth and Cornhole

Posted in Personal,Philosophy by Abigail on March 11, 2008

Truth is what stands the test of experience.

This is a very nice thought, but it doesn’t do any good. Can’t I doubt my own experience? Better yet, can’t I doubt everything? While this creates an obvious problem – sheer madness – isn’t this exactly what I’m called to? The educated know better than to take things on first account; but exactly how far do you go? At some point you reach your own mind. Do you challenge that?

Just a few theoretical ramblings…


On a completely different note, the makers of The Facebook Song have now created The Cornhole Song. I think it’s great! Although – one warning – it’s over the top and could be viewed as slightly disturbing. But if you like cornhole (or hate it!) and you like ridiculously absurd humor, this is for you. Do keep in mind, I’m not responsible for this video clip. I just think it’s extremely amusing.