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Posted in Personal,Web by Abigail on May 13, 2008

Everybody should be able to play hours of tennis. I did tonight. And it was too much fun. I’ve missed my calling; should be a pro tennis player. It is too blasted fun to wale on a ball.


If you haven’t wasted time have watching Rhett and Link, I can help you with that. Here’s another one of their better ones, on making resolutions. It’s quite amusing!


For web developers, if you have never heard of the Web Developer toolbar from Firefox, you are living a sad existence as I did until recently. I am almost upset at myself for not downloading it earlier. It’s freaking amazing: a free tool that provides some better functionality than Dreamweaver. That’s saying a lot. 🙂


Last, what philosophical nonsense is coming next? Still deciding. I might write an ode to Roger Federer (who seems to have peaked – it is incredibly sad). Or my Toyota Camry which is still kicking. It’s amazing! Everyone should buy Toyota’s. They’re your friend for life. (My car is almost as old as me.)


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  1. Chris said,

    Do you have Firebug?

  2. amandalaine said,

    No, I don’t. I suppose I should just email you… What’s that?

  3. Chris said,

    Are you serious? You’re joking right? I don’t know if we can be friends anymore!

    Check out some other good ones.

  4. amandalaine said,

    Thanks! That looks great.

    I’ve got a question for you – so I hope you stop back. First, here’s a link:

    There are three parts to that article. Do you have a take on the emergent movement? I’m gonna be real honest – they make a heck of a lot of sense to me. I know you’ve posted before about them…

    Anyway, thanks for the link!

  5. amandalaine said,

    You know it’s a bit confusing why anyone – who knows what they’re doing – would pay money for Dreamweaver (and other software) considering there’s free stuff and, from what I can tell, it’s way better.

    Just a thought. I’ll probably introduce firebug at my work and see how that works.

  6. Chris Poteet said,

    I’ve heard about the Young, Restless, and Reformed but not the other book. I am familiar with the movement. I think there are some good insights in the movement, but there are some dangerous teachers in it as well. For instance, I would like Mark Driscoll but not Brian McClaren.

    And Dreamweaver? Phewy. I’m an Aptana man.

  7. AmandaO said,

    Hey Chris,

    I loaded firebug… and it rocks. I’m very surprised I haven’t heard of it before! Thanks much. I’ll have to check out your aptana.

    Well, I’m still deeply intrigued by the emergent movement, so I’ll probably post about that later.

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