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Two Predictions

Posted in Personal,Politics,Sports by Abigail on June 6, 2008

I have two predictions. One, Roger Federer will win the French Open for the first time, on Sunday, and Nadal will lose it for the first time in four years.

And two, Obama will not pick Hillary for his running mate. Of course not! He can’t. She begged for it too much. He would then be acquiescing to her not so quiet or subtle commands instead of making his own presidential decisions. She should have kept quiet, in my not so humble opinion.

And, really I’ve got three predictions: McCain will not last against Obama. I think we’re going to have our first black president! Which is exciting. Except that I get the idea that I agree with almost none of his policies. That is unfortunate.

Why would I predict? Well, I’ve decided blogging is like making a catalog of your own errors. You’ve archived, for the world, the things you’ve said wrong. So I thought I’d just make it worse! 🙂 You know, when you talk to people, they forget half of what you say, including your errors. When you write it, well, man, it’s searchable, archivable, googlable, and public for the world! Why am I blogging?

So, we’ll see. Fed’s the man. He better win!


Hippie Friend

Posted in Personal by Abigail on June 1, 2008

My new roommate is a reasonable hippie. At that least that’s what I call her. There are no paper napkins or paper towels in the kitchen. Instead, there are cloth napkins, blue and yellow. It’s like always being at a picnic.

Social constraints seem to carry no weight. At her upcoming wedding, she plans to have no bridesmaids. Why? Bridesmaids, believe it or not, are the result of a pagan tradition which says you must protect the bride by having multiple women stand next to her that are all dressed the same. Brilliant, for sure. Especially considering the bride is the one all in white.

Almost more than anything, you can’t not get along with her. She’s like world peace in walking form. She talks in loping form. It’s casual. Easy. Semi-slow. Broken up at points. Sentences just not finished. Whatever. That’s one of her favorite words. Along with “peace friend”. Positivity pours from her. And it’s not like she’s positive because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She works with high school kids doing intervention, and avidly reads the news and various books.

Last week she helped four young Thai male refugees move into their new place of living, and gave them supplies. This week, she took them “shopping” for free clothes at the Salvation Army and helped them learn English.

She’s for real.

From my roommate, I’ve learned words like “ecologically friendly”. Before Sonja, I couldn’t take seriously “tree-huggers.” Now, I can. If they’re anything like her. Maybe, on a super good Sonja-influenced day, I could begin to consider global warming as having a slight amount of viability. Nah. In the meantime, we wash out all the little plastic baggies, and reuse them. And drink lots of wine.

Less Nonsense

Posted in Blogging by Abigail on June 1, 2008

Not everyone is as intrigued with theoretical questions as I am… so, for the more practically minded and for fun, I’m going to start breaking up the philosophical posts with non-theoretical stuff. I’ll probably go every other. Enjoy!!