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Einstein and Other Things

Posted in Personal by Abigail on October 31, 2008

I am reading “Einstein, His Life and Universe” by Walter Isaacson and for the first time in my life have an extremely small understanding of quantum physics and the theory or relativity. And of Einstein, who is one heck of a personality. Literary. Poetic. Deeply philosophical. Entertaining to the last drop. I’m really shocked with the man himself. Are there are other scientests out there like this? ‘Cause I want to meet them. All of them.

More to come… when the book’s actually finished.


I have pulled all the muscles in my lower (playing tennis). Now, life is sans-tennis and several shades less intereting. For the record, back muscles are the last muscles you should ever pull because you use them for everything. I didn’t know this. I am now pathetic. There is no bounce in my gait. That hurts. Blowing my nose hurts (did you know there’s a muscle in your lower back tied to your nose? there is!). I don’t “get” out of bed – I roll out of bed, carefully, on my side, then sit up, then stand. Like your Granmda. I actually limp around the office. Why? Sitting for a long time gets those muscles mad all over again… and I am pathetic once again.


I should state that there have been no posts because my new house lacks an Internet connection. But what a sad time not to post! An election is coming. I could have pontificated on matters I know even less than previous the ones! This will be fixed. Soon. And I will return to the usual blather.


Warning: Blather starting a bit early.

So here’s the latest thought. Are you truly asking a question if you will only take one answer? Perhaps two? Let’s make this more specific: are you really asking a question if you already know the answer? Obviously no. But this causes a problem. If you don’t already know what the answer is, how are you ever going to find it? And if you do already know the answer, then you’re not really asking a question. A fair question, it seems, can never be asked, or answered.

I suppose this is my own way of stating the “problem of problems”.

A corollary – and this is really where I’ve been going with this – how can I be dedicated and yet question? Isn’t the definition of questioning that which challenges? If I am challenging – and I mean it – then I’m clearly not dedicated. I have no answer. I do think you can ask too many questions and I’ve certainly passed that limit several times before.


Tying the noose around my neck – one last prediction to sink my credibility: I predict, for fun, solely because I can, that Obama will the presidency by a surprisingly small margin.

We shall see.