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Dear Google

Posted in Technology,Web by Abigail on October 8, 2010

Dear Google,

Thanks to you my email is free, my nearly obsessive-compulsive self is perfectly facilitated by 12 Google Calendars, friends and family can oogle over my pictures in the “picture house” (Picasa), my thoughts are stored in Google Notebook, my various web sites are tracked by Google Analytics, I absorb thoughts and ideas from over 20 blogs which pour into Google Reader, I rarely get lost as Google Maps is one handy-dandy-accurate-easy-to-use tool (in which you can create and save your own maps – did you know that?!), and, to top this Google cake, I now have a Droid which connects directly to my Google account. Guess what my favorite possession is? My Droid. Dear Droid – you are next. I will next dedicate a blog post to you. Your moment to shine in the sun is coming.

I have been googleized. This is made most clear by the fact that I just wrote this blog post.

And I love it.

Once, I applied to work at Google, and they didn’t accept me. Apparently sheer enthusiasm isn’t enough. They have a comedy department. Did you know that?! Apparently they weren’t aware of my comedic skill either.

Google, it appears you may own my soul. Don’t be evil!