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He’s Back

Posted in News,Sports by Abigail on September 9, 2008

The great Fed has made his return. And all the world is right. In honor of that, I have to post this clip I ran into on YouTube. Even if you’re not a tennis or Roger Federer fanatic – let’s say you’re just into creative commercials or entertainment in general – this clip’s for you. It’s great fun. Enjoy!


A Menagerie

Posted in News,Philosophy,Politics,Sports by Abigail on September 5, 2008

I love tennis. It is the only sport in which “thank you” means “shut up”. And – not surprisingly – I have watched too much of the U.S. Open.


So, Sarah Palin. Her choice was a stroke of brilliance. Now both parties have novelty: Obama is black and Palin is female. And she’s substanially more interesting than McCain. Which is probably not too hard to do.


Here’s a question I’ve been kicking around: assuming macro evolution to be true, why should I think evolution is over? The significance of the question should be obvious: if evolution is not over, then I – and, more importantly, my thinking ability – is still evolving. What if I evolve to the point where I realize evolution isn’t true?! So, that’s a nonseical question but I think it makes my point. If my reasoning ability has evolved, and if evolution isn’t actually finished, then I have no grounds for thinking that evolution, or – better yet – anything, is true. I’m sure someone, somewhere has addressed why we can 1) believe the process has ended so that 2) we can believe our own thoughts. But, I’ve never heard this issue addressed and am curious to hear that reason. (For the record, the same difficulty applies to those on the opposite side of the fence – it just has an entirely different twist.)


Random TidBit (to complete my extremely random post above): If you ever need a definition of a term, Google has a nice service. I just looked up the word “menagerie” to make sure it’s what I wanted. In their search field, type define: menagerie AND… tada – you get a whole host of responses, which is really what you want to begin with. That’s better than a dictionary, because here we have greater variety and usage, wider connotation, and – perhaps the best – current results.

So big men cry too

Posted in News,Sports by Abigail on July 6, 2008

I just watched the longest and arguably most dramatic final in Wimbledon history. And Roger Federer – for the first time in six years – did not win. He cried. (Although not on camera.) The match was beautiful: an extremely high level of play maintained for nearly five hours, with impossible shot followed by even more impossible shot. You kind of can’t believe you’re seeing what you’re seeing. But in the end, Federer – considered by most to be the greatest tennis player of all time – cried. It makes me feel better to know that the greats cry. He’s human.

But he better win next time.

Or I’ll cry.


Posted in News by Abigail on February 3, 2007

British schools may soon implement/require ID teaching? That’s what I heard on the news recently. But it wouldn’t be in science class. It would be in religions class. The purpose? According to the TV station I was watching, they want more morality. The station discussed the potential implementation of ID in British schools directly right showing a spree of anti-Semitic acts in Britain.***

Various sources

10 out of the last 14 years are the hottest on record. My question is: how long is our record? 200 years? I don’t know. I haven’t researched this. I have one friend who thinks I should watch An Inconvenient Truth. It would be interesting… Could at least see if Al Gore is ever interesting. I think one time he made a joke.

Mac vs. PC – has there ever been a better set of commercials?! That stuff is brilliant. I just saw the latest, where PC is in a hospital gown because he’s getting an operation: the addition of Vista. And the Mac feels sorry for him, has compassion. That is hilarious.


***It turns out that the program I was watching was the 700 Club. I’m not sure what other program would make such an audacious implication.