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Posted in Personal,Writing/Reading by Abigail on November 3, 2009

I have realized that I close almost all my eHarmony matches based on the individual’s interest in books. Hmm.

I skip to that part of the profile. If “books? I can’t remember the last time I read a book…” then close match. Very simple.

I am clearly prejudiced.

Word of the Day: fete
a festive celebration or entertainment


Spock Rocks

Posted in Movies,Personal by Abigail on May 20, 2009

So I saw Star Trek tonight. And it is a movie worth seeing. Not thoroughly thought provoking, but thought provoking enough, fast, but not lacking a worthwhile plot line, and funny. Serious movies get 10,000 points from me if they’re funny, and this movie has its scenes. It should be noted I’m not a trekkie, and I thought this movie was excellent. It also had that little guy from Shawn of the Dead. He’s great.

It was Spock who I found most compelling. He’s my new hero.

I don’t really have any great analysis to offer. I usually miss too much of a movie (various details, often important) the first time around.

But, there’s my short recommendation. Spock rocks!

Green Tea

Posted in Personal by Abigail on March 7, 2009

I have been informed that if you drink 2 cups of green tea a day, you won’t get sick. So I’m going to try this. And will report back in 2 years.

Word of the Day: obfuscate – to bewilder with extraneous information.
The problem with this word is that it’s difficult to pronounce… which makes it like what it is.

Speaking of bewilder, could that word be related to “wilderness”?

And why no posts till now?! Well, my previous posts did not meet “the standard” (an ever-fluctuating thing) so they remain, lonely and unobserved, on my hard drive.

Einstein and Other Things

Posted in Personal by Abigail on October 31, 2008

I am reading “Einstein, His Life and Universe” by Walter Isaacson and for the first time in my life have an extremely small understanding of quantum physics and the theory or relativity. And of Einstein, who is one heck of a personality. Literary. Poetic. Deeply philosophical. Entertaining to the last drop. I’m really shocked with the man himself. Are there are other scientests out there like this? ‘Cause I want to meet them. All of them.

More to come… when the book’s actually finished.


I have pulled all the muscles in my lower (playing tennis). Now, life is sans-tennis and several shades less intereting. For the record, back muscles are the last muscles you should ever pull because you use them for everything. I didn’t know this. I am now pathetic. There is no bounce in my gait. That hurts. Blowing my nose hurts (did you know there’s a muscle in your lower back tied to your nose? there is!). I don’t “get” out of bed – I roll out of bed, carefully, on my side, then sit up, then stand. Like your Granmda. I actually limp around the office. Why? Sitting for a long time gets those muscles mad all over again… and I am pathetic once again.


I should state that there have been no posts because my new house lacks an Internet connection. But what a sad time not to post! An election is coming. I could have pontificated on matters I know even less than previous the ones! This will be fixed. Soon. And I will return to the usual blather.


Warning: Blather starting a bit early.

So here’s the latest thought. Are you truly asking a question if you will only take one answer? Perhaps two? Let’s make this more specific: are you really asking a question if you already know the answer? Obviously no. But this causes a problem. If you don’t already know what the answer is, how are you ever going to find it? And if you do already know the answer, then you’re not really asking a question. A fair question, it seems, can never be asked, or answered.

I suppose this is my own way of stating the “problem of problems”.

A corollary – and this is really where I’ve been going with this – how can I be dedicated and yet question? Isn’t the definition of questioning that which challenges? If I am challenging – and I mean it – then I’m clearly not dedicated. I have no answer. I do think you can ask too many questions and I’ve certainly passed that limit several times before.


Tying the noose around my neck – one last prediction to sink my credibility: I predict, for fun, solely because I can, that Obama will the presidency by a surprisingly small margin.

We shall see.

In the Meantime

Posted in Personal by Abigail on July 29, 2008

I have a super good book to post about, but have had to read it twice before being able to speak intelligently about it. I’m now on the third reading and plan to post next week.

In the meantime, I am off to my first pro tennis tournament ever and consider myself extremely lucky. Philosophy, and it’s best friend nonsense, will have to wait on hold for a while.

The book I’m going to post about is Proper Confidence by Leslie Newbigin. It is truly amazing.

Until then, more tennis.

Two Predictions

Posted in Personal,Politics,Sports by Abigail on June 6, 2008

I have two predictions. One, Roger Federer will win the French Open for the first time, on Sunday, and Nadal will lose it for the first time in four years.

And two, Obama will not pick Hillary for his running mate. Of course not! He can’t. She begged for it too much. He would then be acquiescing to her not so quiet or subtle commands instead of making his own presidential decisions. She should have kept quiet, in my not so humble opinion.

And, really I’ve got three predictions: McCain will not last against Obama. I think we’re going to have our first black president! Which is exciting. Except that I get the idea that I agree with almost none of his policies. That is unfortunate.

Why would I predict? Well, I’ve decided blogging is like making a catalog of your own errors. You’ve archived, for the world, the things you’ve said wrong. So I thought I’d just make it worse! 🙂 You know, when you talk to people, they forget half of what you say, including your errors. When you write it, well, man, it’s searchable, archivable, googlable, and public for the world! Why am I blogging?

So, we’ll see. Fed’s the man. He better win!

Hippie Friend

Posted in Personal by Abigail on June 1, 2008

My new roommate is a reasonable hippie. At that least that’s what I call her. There are no paper napkins or paper towels in the kitchen. Instead, there are cloth napkins, blue and yellow. It’s like always being at a picnic.

Social constraints seem to carry no weight. At her upcoming wedding, she plans to have no bridesmaids. Why? Bridesmaids, believe it or not, are the result of a pagan tradition which says you must protect the bride by having multiple women stand next to her that are all dressed the same. Brilliant, for sure. Especially considering the bride is the one all in white.

Almost more than anything, you can’t not get along with her. She’s like world peace in walking form. She talks in loping form. It’s casual. Easy. Semi-slow. Broken up at points. Sentences just not finished. Whatever. That’s one of her favorite words. Along with “peace friend”. Positivity pours from her. And it’s not like she’s positive because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She works with high school kids doing intervention, and avidly reads the news and various books.

Last week she helped four young Thai male refugees move into their new place of living, and gave them supplies. This week, she took them “shopping” for free clothes at the Salvation Army and helped them learn English.

She’s for real.

From my roommate, I’ve learned words like “ecologically friendly”. Before Sonja, I couldn’t take seriously “tree-huggers.” Now, I can. If they’re anything like her. Maybe, on a super good Sonja-influenced day, I could begin to consider global warming as having a slight amount of viability. Nah. In the meantime, we wash out all the little plastic baggies, and reuse them. And drink lots of wine.

What Not

Posted in Personal,Web by Abigail on May 13, 2008

Everybody should be able to play hours of tennis. I did tonight. And it was too much fun. I’ve missed my calling; should be a pro tennis player. It is too blasted fun to wale on a ball.


If you haven’t wasted time have watching Rhett and Link, I can help you with that. Here’s another one of their better ones, on making resolutions. It’s quite amusing!


For web developers, if you have never heard of the Web Developer toolbar from Firefox, you are living a sad existence as I did until recently. I am almost upset at myself for not downloading it earlier. It’s freaking amazing: a free tool that provides some better functionality than Dreamweaver. That’s saying a lot. 🙂


Last, what philosophical nonsense is coming next? Still deciding. I might write an ode to Roger Federer (who seems to have peaked – it is incredibly sad). Or my Toyota Camry which is still kicking. It’s amazing! Everyone should buy Toyota’s. They’re your friend for life. (My car is almost as old as me.)

Truth and Cornhole

Posted in Personal,Philosophy by Abigail on March 11, 2008

Truth is what stands the test of experience.

This is a very nice thought, but it doesn’t do any good. Can’t I doubt my own experience? Better yet, can’t I doubt everything? While this creates an obvious problem – sheer madness – isn’t this exactly what I’m called to? The educated know better than to take things on first account; but exactly how far do you go? At some point you reach your own mind. Do you challenge that?

Just a few theoretical ramblings…


On a completely different note, the makers of The Facebook Song have now created The Cornhole Song. I think it’s great! Although – one warning – it’s over the top and could be viewed as slightly disturbing. But if you like cornhole (or hate it!) and you like ridiculously absurd humor, this is for you. Do keep in mind, I’m not responsible for this video clip. I just think it’s extremely amusing.


Posted in Personal,Technology,Web by Abigail on August 29, 2007

So I haven’t posted in fifty million years. I was going to post a “serious” one on politics and religion. That’s coming later. I take too long on the “serious” ones. I’m really serious about it. Ya know? (That was funny – in case you didn’t get it.)

So – point of this post – here’s a site you’ve got to go to:

If you’re into web design/development and other such graphically/programmatically related things, this site is very cool. And the music’s great too. Make sure your speakers are on.

Here’s another great one I ran into:

One caveat: no, I do not spend all day on the computer finding “cool” sites. I’m actually looking for a job (and have one). And am hoping to get back to posting “serious” posts. I can never figure it out – how personal do I make my blog? Just focus on topics (which can be great fun) or also meander into my personal leanings, random nonsense, and whatnot? I’ll figure it out someday.

In the meantime, post your thoughts, as always.

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