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One of the greatest sports rivalrys in history, caught in a fit of giggles

Posted in Sports by Abigail on September 28, 2010

Truly awesome:


How long have I been saying Golf is not a sport?

Posted in Sports by Abigail on December 20, 2009

Good article. Good point.

I’m a Fed fan, and golf is not a sport.

Isn’t that Gorgeous

Posted in Sports by Abigail on March 26, 2009

I think tennis is gorgeous no matter what. But just in case you don’t, here’s a picture I took in Indian Well, CA.

Indian Wells

This pro level tournament wrapped up on Sunday with another Rafa Nadal win. For reference, this is a 1000 level tournament which means, if you’ve heard of Wimbledon, well, Indian Wells is one tier beneath that.

But forget the tiers and the points and the players (momentarily)! It seems, with beauty like this, all tournaments should be held in CA. And someone should volunteer to relocate me there.


He’s Back

Posted in News,Sports by Abigail on September 9, 2008

The great Fed has made his return. And all the world is right. In honor of that, I have to post this clip I ran into on YouTube. Even if you’re not a tennis or Roger Federer fanatic – let’s say you’re just into creative commercials or entertainment in general – this clip’s for you. It’s great fun. Enjoy!

A Menagerie

Posted in News,Philosophy,Politics,Sports by Abigail on September 5, 2008

I love tennis. It is the only sport in which “thank you” means “shut up”. And – not surprisingly – I have watched too much of the U.S. Open.


So, Sarah Palin. Her choice was a stroke of brilliance. Now both parties have novelty: Obama is black and Palin is female. And she’s substanially more interesting than McCain. Which is probably not too hard to do.


Here’s a question I’ve been kicking around: assuming macro evolution to be true, why should I think evolution is over? The significance of the question should be obvious: if evolution is not over, then I – and, more importantly, my thinking ability – is still evolving. What if I evolve to the point where I realize evolution isn’t true?! So, that’s a nonseical question but I think it makes my point. If my reasoning ability has evolved, and if evolution isn’t actually finished, then I have no grounds for thinking that evolution, or – better yet – anything, is true. I’m sure someone, somewhere has addressed why we can 1) believe the process has ended so that 2) we can believe our own thoughts. But, I’ve never heard this issue addressed and am curious to hear that reason. (For the record, the same difficulty applies to those on the opposite side of the fence – it just has an entirely different twist.)


Random TidBit (to complete my extremely random post above): If you ever need a definition of a term, Google has a nice service. I just looked up the word “menagerie” to make sure it’s what I wanted. In their search field, type define: menagerie AND… tada – you get a whole host of responses, which is really what you want to begin with. That’s better than a dictionary, because here we have greater variety and usage, wider connotation, and – perhaps the best – current results.

A Nascent Nadal

Posted in Sports by Abigail on July 11, 2008

Nadal has taken out the world’s best, two times in a row. What’s to stop him? Hopefully hardcourts, as those aren’t his forte. It should be noted, however, that I’m writing this post primarily because I wanted to use the word “nascent”, it sounds great with Nadal, and, obviously, it’s true. But, nothing against Nadal! He is worthy of far more respect than he gets in the tennis world and he is only 22, which means he is going to yet improve. But, I am a Fed fan. Through and through. Up one side and down the other. Federer’s a class act – humble, gracious, elegant on and off the court, and one of the most powerful forces in the history of tennis. How do you beat that?

Well, by being Nadal.

Since tennis has nothing to do with my usual direction of conversation  – philosophical nonsense – I must ask: is tennis ‘beyond reason’ (to fit my title)? I think you could easily argue that. Why hit a little yellow ball around a court – and in fact spend your life hitting a little yellow ball around a court – and then cry when you don’t get that yellow ball where you want? Hmm, the absurdity of sports. This is true of all sports; they’re all ridiculous. And, if you want to keep testing the idea, I’d say of all human activity. Why do anything?

So, tennis to philosophy in one short paragraph. Anything can be analyzed. But the interesting thing about analyzing is that it seems to kill what it analyzes. We’ve all heard the term “clinical detachment”. This is what you do when you’re thinking; you’re no long experiencing – in one respect – and you are instead “detached.” You can’t feel as much because you’re busy analyzing and, in fact, your goal is not to feel so that, instead, you can think more clearly. So, essentially the experience is lost when you’re analyzing; that is why I say you “kill” it. So what’s better? To feel or to think? Or is my dichotomy fair? Perhaps not.

Bottom line? Fed fans – the world round – are rooting that he wins the US Open. There’s no question: I will be glued to the set!

So big men cry too

Posted in News,Sports by Abigail on July 6, 2008

I just watched the longest and arguably most dramatic final in Wimbledon history. And Roger Federer – for the first time in six years – did not win. He cried. (Although not on camera.) The match was beautiful: an extremely high level of play maintained for nearly five hours, with impossible shot followed by even more impossible shot. You kind of can’t believe you’re seeing what you’re seeing. But in the end, Federer – considered by most to be the greatest tennis player of all time – cried. It makes me feel better to know that the greats cry. He’s human.

But he better win next time.

Or I’ll cry.

Two Predictions

Posted in Personal,Politics,Sports by Abigail on June 6, 2008

I have two predictions. One, Roger Federer will win the French Open for the first time, on Sunday, and Nadal will lose it for the first time in four years.

And two, Obama will not pick Hillary for his running mate. Of course not! He can’t. She begged for it too much. He would then be acquiescing to her not so quiet or subtle commands instead of making his own presidential decisions. She should have kept quiet, in my not so humble opinion.

And, really I’ve got three predictions: McCain will not last against Obama. I think we’re going to have our first black president! Which is exciting. Except that I get the idea that I agree with almost none of his policies. That is unfortunate.

Why would I predict? Well, I’ve decided blogging is like making a catalog of your own errors. You’ve archived, for the world, the things you’ve said wrong. So I thought I’d just make it worse! 🙂 You know, when you talk to people, they forget half of what you say, including your errors. When you write it, well, man, it’s searchable, archivable, googlable, and public for the world! Why am I blogging?

So, we’ll see. Fed’s the man. He better win!